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What Are the Up-and-Coming Areas for Youth Employment in your Country?

The sector in which participants continue to find the greatest employment opportunities is that of information and communications technologies (ICTs). Some of the countries where jobs in ICT were referenced included Senegal, Latvia and Nigeria.

Youssoupha, 23, from Senegal informed that: “The young who have studied [information technology] IT, engineering, teaching and health don't face a lot of employment problems after graduation...the market lacks a workforce in these domains, so graduating in them offers you a great chance to have a job.”

Enock, 29, shared that in his country of Uganda: “Right now, we have very high unemployment among young college graduates with degrees in everything from health to technology. Trends seem to be in health-related fields, environmental studies and green development (energy).”

Participants expressed growing interest in the topic of green jobs. One young woman observed that many young people embrace the concept of “going green.” Some, however, are hesitant to engage in this sector because it is an emerging one, despite its potential as an area for job creation. Paulo, 26, a volunteer with YMCA, shared the example of his country:

“Brazil discovered the pre-salt in its coast, and needs green technology to […extract it] and to avoid environmental problems. As we [also] have one of the biggest forests in the world, youth and young students from some universities are preparing for the [expansion of…] green jobs to increase our employment and youth employment rates.”

Zakita from the Bahamas observed growth in the area of eco-tourism in his country: “As the main industry that we depend on, finding ways to attract people to the Bahamas in a sustainable way while having a better appreciation of nature and the environment is something that has gained credibility.”


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