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In your experience, what have you used and what was the most helpful?

What young people say:

Several of the participants from both the Asian and African regions found that business and social networks (informal and formal) were the most useful source of career guidance. This included membership in youth networks which use online resources, such as Globcal, Connect African Development and opportunitiesforyouth.org.

In general, participants were positive about using social media in job searches, but a few also mentioned that there were challenges to be overcome; namely, not having the desired qualifications. Hikmat, 21, from Afghanistan and a member of Peshawar Youth Organization explained his experiences: “social media helped me access new jobs, although I was not eligible for any of them because of the request for work experience and a Master’s Degree.” Similarly, Seabe, 23, from Botswana confirmed this: “apart from internships, fresh graduates are finding it difficult to find employment. This is because often companies advertise job positions for candidates with 3 years [experience] and above.”

Most participants also spoke about internships (paid or unpaid) as being a very useful form of job guidance. ‬Ayshah, 26, from Kenya shared her experience: “…when [I] was an intern I used that opportunity to expand my network and …market myself, especially when I was told to represent the organization in general – and it helped a lot, because by the end of the internship I left a legacy!”

Finally, many of our young participants mentioned that the most helpful approach for job searching is to maintain a positive outlook, including self-motivation and perseverance.‬ Inger (a Swede studying in South Africa) explained how a combination of social networks and personal resources helped her secure her current job: “I am a strong believer in social networking, and I think it can be very effective in learning more about employment opportunities that exist. I got my current job after debating with my now boss in a Master's class!”


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