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In your country, what kinds of job guidance initiatives (organizations and resources) exist?

What young people say:

The main initiatives reported by participants included:

Business and social networks (both informal and formal)‬;

Youth-focused organizations‬. For example, Solomon from Ghana, who works with Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN), explained how GYIN has created an online network where youth can meet and share knowledge and experiences. For him, this has meant, “as an entrepreneur managing a startup company, providing professional [information technology] IT services to farmers in Ghana, [and] the business networks has been most beneficial.”

Career fairs or annual graduate recruitment programmes – especially at universities and colleges‬. Career fairs seem to be taking place at many universities, as mentioned by Preneshni, 22, a South African student. However, she also pointed out that “there is often a small spectrum of businesses coming to these fairs, something that might only make them relevant to a limited number of students.”

Internships - which were found to assist young people with decision-making on careerpaths. Inger (in her mid 20s) from South Africa recommended making work experience compulsory for high school students, in order to help them choose the right career path.

Assistance with CV/resume and cover letter writing, and use of social media tools‬. An example of the provision of these was online recruitment agencies, which helped Germaine, a female in her mid-20s from South Africa, to get a job.

Finally, Mitch (a young lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) suggested that, “it is not the responsibility of educational institutions to train students in job hunting,” rather these institutions should facilitate the development of skills that are more suited for job hunting so that quality education provides a solid foundation for the transition from academic work into a job. This was certainly thought-provoking!



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