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How are you promoting and raising awareness about green jobs?


Enass, 25, from Jordan emphasized that the profile and potential of green jobs needs to be raised:

“We can ensure that graduates and other job seekers will be looking for environmental sustainability courses and trainings in order to be able to meet new job demands. At the same time, training centres and other educational institutions will provide this instruction and, as a result, this will increase the awareness about green jobs.”

Several participants also recalled the importance of advocacy, such as creating online blogs to discuss and highlight development issues related to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20. In addition, in October 2011, the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) held a workshop to showcase the green projects of young environmental leaders from 18 developing countries, thus contributing towards raising the profile of young activists.

Michael, 23, from Italy commented that, “in relation to Rio+20, the World Esperanto Youth Organization co-authored a document to help guide the compilation of the zero-draft of the final outcome document, as […the organization is] convinced that social equity is a key part of sustainable development.”

Dirk, Youth Delegate of the Netherlands to the United Nations, shared: “I am part of the global youth movement that is trying to push the Dutch ministry and opinion leaders towards progressive, ambitious, just and socially sustainable goals at the Rio+20 summit. Let’s see what this youth movement can achieve!”

Esther also informed us on the Facebook page of the 6th annual African Economic Conference on the theme, Green Economy and Structural Transformation. Esther posted that “African youth call for the development of green job opportunities within the African green economy agenda and the promotion of African youth entrepreneurship. Youths insist that the jobs created remain with indigenous African youth.”

Sarah, 24, from Kenya provided some examples, commenting that she has been involved in the Youth Agency for Development of Science, Technology & Innovation (YADSTI) and Rotaract, whereby she is giving back to her community through tree planting. “At a time when the Mau forest …was almost destroyed due to massive deforestation, under YADSTI we went to the forest and planted more than eleven hectares of trees!” There are several green entrepreneurial activities in Kenya at present, including by the Youth Entrepreneurship Facility, a partnership among the Africa Commission, the Youth Employment Network and the International Labour Organization.

Participants also discussed other activities that bring in income through green jobs, such as mushroom farming, bee keeping and fruitharvesting. For example, there is an emerging market in Nepal’s farming sector for medicinal herbs and trees.


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