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The Situation of Youth Employment: Trends and Young People’s Views

The Situation of Youth Employment: Trends and Young People’s Views International Labour Organization. Sports industry: Football manufacturing unit. Saga Sports Factory. Sialkot, Pakistan. By Crozet M.

From 11 to 17 October (Week I) 2011, the United Nations e-discussion on youth employment was open to all to share views and discuss the overall situation of young people in the labour market as well as key trends in youth employment. There were more than 300 comments posted by young people world-wide. Participation was particularly high from the African region.

The e-discussion, which solicited the views of young people aged 15 to 30  as well as those of representatives of youth-led organizations, received comments during week I from young men and women between the ages of 16 and 30. In addition, more than 700 people accessed and viewed the platform during the week.

This chapter provides an overview of the global situation of young people in the labour market together with comments from young people stemming from actual experience and observations. It presents data and analysis of current youth employment-related research and aims to identify and briefly explore youth employment trends and issues across regions with different levels of development. In addition, the chapter provides highlights of views of young people from around the world. In large part, young people’s contributions to the e-discussion align with and corroborate the prevailing research that describes significant challenges to decent work for young people. More importantly, however, their contributions illustrate these challenges on a personal level and capture how they are experienced from the perspective of youth themselves. As will become evident as the chapter progresses, young people have a lot to say on the matter of youth employment which reveals remarkable and valuable insight.


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The UN Focal Point on Youth aims to build awareness of the global situation of young people, as well as promote their rights and aspirations, working toward greater participation of young people in decision-making as a means for achieving peace and development.

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