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If you are employed, are you in your ideal job? If not, how are you trying to reach your goal?

What young people say:


The majority of young participants informed us that they have not yet secured their ideal job, largely due to a lack of work experience.Several young people would ideally like to work in business, diplomacy, human rights and computer science/ technology.

Jimmy, 26, from Zambia reminded us of the importance of volunteering. He volunteers at the United Nations Youth Association of Zambia, and decided to volunteer because he could not secure his ideal job. His frustrations continue, however, as there is still a mismatch between his qualifications and the voluntary role he is performing.

Amadou, 24, from Senegal also highlighted the importance of work-related internships, as they allow individuals “to utilize their skills and knowledge, and at the same time build on their work experience.”

Some positive comments came from Fortunate, a young African, who stated that she is engaged in her ideal job as a project officer. However, she advises other young job seekers that in order to get their ideal jobs, “they need to develop their social networking skills, as this can expand opportunities for employment.”



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The UN Focal Point on Youth aims to build awareness of the global situation of young people, as well as promote their rights and aspirations, working toward greater participation of young people in decision-making as a means for achieving peace and development.

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