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In your current job, what are the opportunities for advancement (including recognizing leadership and innovation)?


On the upside…

Enock, 28, from Uganda is currently working as a volunteer with the Uganda Red Cross as a peer educator. He is unpaid, but he does believe that his efforts have helped him “learn new skills and make new friends.” He has been given on-the-job training, which is enhancing his skills and enabling him to take on more responsibilities.

For Maria from the Dominican Republic, most of her work experiences have been in her area of interest – marketing and public relations. Although she has not secured a long-term job, she says “internship experiences have allowed me to observe and learn about the opportunities in the market.” Currently, Maria works for the non-profit sector, conducting marketing through social media, and she believes there are many opportunities in this sector for young people.

Rachelle, 23, from Canada is working part-time as a publicist/marketing lead for a mobile advertising company and interning as a communications coordinator at a Toronto non-profit organization. According to her, she has “learnt a lot from these two positions and… been given ample opportunity to take on more responsibilities. While the wages aren't the best, I am ready to take pay cuts since I don’t have responsibilities such as family or mortgage, etc.” Rachelle has received on-the-job training, which has enhanced her skill set, and she tells us her “work in both jobs has been recognized on a regular basis.”

On the downside…

Erasmus, 23, from Zambia said that his current job does not provide any opportunities for advancement because it is in the informal sector. He cannot advance in his position, “because the money I get is minimal, and with that money I can hardly save up for college education.” He went on to say that, “the management in the office does not listen to my ideas because of my lesser experience and qualifications as compared to the permanent staff in the office.”



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The UN Focal Point on Youth aims to build awareness of the global situation of young people, as well as promote their rights and aspirations, working toward greater participation of young people in decision-making as a means for achieving peace and development.

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