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WYR 2013 Chapter Two

Suggestions for Further Reading

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- Barker, K. M., et al. (2013). Girls on the Move: Adolescent Girls & Migration in the Developing World. The Population Council, Inc.

Available from http://www.popcouncil.org/pdfs/2013PGY_GirlsOnTheMove.pdf (accessed 10 Jun 2013).

This report examines migration trends among adolescent females, highlighting some of the unique challenges they face and proposing solutions. The primary focus is on establishing policies and programmes that are essentially aimed at building the protective assets of female youth throughout the migration process so that they remain safe and are able to benefit from the opportunities migration presents.

-Haug, S. (2008). Migration networks and migration decision-making. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, vol. 24, No. 4, pp. 585-605.

Available from http://crcw.princeton.edu/migration/files/library/Migration%20Networks%20and%20Migration%20Decision-Making.pdf (accessed 10 Jun 2013).

This journal article explores the role of social capital in the migration process, highlighting the importance of social networks during the pre-departure and return phases of migration. One finding is that social capital in the destination society is positively correlated with migrants’ decision to return, while there is a negative correlation between social capital at the place of origin and return migration.

- Youth migration: challenges and opportunities of migrant youth in destination countries:Summary of Week 1 Online Discussions: Preparing to Migrate. 2013 UN World Youth Report-Youth Migration and Development.

These discussions were part of a series of online consultations undertaken by the United Nations Focal Point on Youth to gather input for the 2013 World Youth Report. The summary includes the views and perspectives of youth worldwide on the factors influencing pre-departure migration decisions.

-Zohry, A. (2006). Egyptian Youth and the European Eldorado: Journeys of Hope and Despair. DISS Working Paper No. 2006/18.

Available from http://www.diis.dk/graphics/Publications/WP2006/WP2006-18_web.pdf (accessed 10 Jun 2013).

This working paper illustrates the challenges and risks associated with irregular migration. It highlights the experiences of Egyptian youth travelling illegally to Europe, showing how dangerous irregular migration can be—especially when the costs are high and migrants search for the least expensive routes. These experiences form the basis of recommendations on improvements that may be introduced at the pre-departure stage to minimize irregular migration and its attendant risks.

- Siddiqui, T., Rashid, R., Zeitlyn, B. (2008). Information Campaigns on Safe Migration and Pre-Departure Training. Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation & Poverty.

Available from http://www.migrationdrc.org/publications/research_reports/Information_Campaigns_and_Pre_Departure_Training.pdf (accessed 10 Jun 2013).

This publication suggests various measures that could be undertaken at the pre-departure stage to reduce the risks and challenges associated with migration. It emphasizes the importance of information campaigns and explores how awareness-raising and information sharing might be useful at this stage.




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