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Suggestions for Further Reading

Interested in learning more about this issue? Then take a look at our suggestions for further reading.

- Agunias, D. R., Calderon, J., Rijks, B. (2012). Asian Labour Migrants and Health Exploring Policy Routes. International Organization for Migration.

Available from http://www.migrationpolicy.org/pubs/MigrationandHealth.pdf (accessed 04 Jun 2013).

This paper examines health within the context of Asian migration. It dispels a number of myths while addressing the real health issues associated with the migration process at every stage. It concludes with a concise five-step plan integrating policy solutions and improvements.

-Pitea, R. (2010). Transit Migration: Challenges in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon. CARIM Research Reports 2010/02. International Organization for Migration.

Available from http://cadmus.eui.eu/bitstream/handle/1814/15290/CARIM_RR_2010_02.pdf?sequence=1 (accessed 24 May 2013).

A number of case-studies highlight transit migration issues in the Middle East. The report defines the concept of transit migration and addresses the special risks and dangers associated with this stage of the migration process.

-Schapendonk, J. (2009). The Dynamics of Transit Migration: Insights into the Migration Process of sub-Saharan African Migrants Heading for Europe. Journal for Development Alternatives and Area Studies, 28(2): 171-203. (Accessed 07 Jun 2013).

The article explores how sub-Saharan African migrants share information to ease the process of migrating to Europe. An effort is made to highlight the challenges faced by transit migrants as well as the role of travel intermediairies at this stage of the process

-Summary of Week 2 Online Discussions: Young Migrant’s Experiences in Transit Countries. 2013 UN World Youth Report-Youth Migration and Development

This report summarizes the challenges and opportunities associated with transit migration as related by youth migrants around the world.



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